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There are a few options for getting to and from Las Cruces, and all ground or air charter transportation arrangements can be made directly through Las Cruces after your room reservation is made.

1.  RECOMMENDED!  Drive or Uber to the San Diego Cross Border Express at the Tijuana Airport border, valet or park your car on the USA side in secure parking, walk through the new terminal building, which you enter on the USA side, go through customs and immigration in the terminal, then board your direct domestic flight to La Paz.  There are two airlines that fly directly from TIJ to LAP:  Volaris and Calafia.  PLAN ON ARRIVING AT LEAST 3 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT TIME, AS SOMETIMES THERE ARE LINES!  You'll need to purchase round trip tickets to walk from San Diego to TIJ through the Cross Border Express and it's most convenient (but not necessary) to do so ahead of time - DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR TICKET, BECAUSE YOU'LL NEED IT TO GO BACK THROUGH ON YOUR WAY HOME.   It's a short 35-minute drive from the La Paz Airport through the desert to Las Cruces, and the club will arrange your ride - let them know which flight you are arriving on.  We've done this many times - safe, easy and very cost effective!   The Tijuana Airport is newly remodeled, has an American Express lounge, and is officially known as the General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport, named after the father of the founder of Las Cruces!  More on that under the History tab :) 

2.  IF YOU WANT TO PRE OR POST IN CABO!  Fly from LAX to San Jose del Cabo, then have the club arrange ground transportation to Las Cruces.  It's about 3 hours each way, but a taco/tequila stop in Todos Santos eases the pain.  If the drive doesn't sound appealing, the club can book a 12-seater charter plane to take you very quickly from the San Jose del Cabo Airport directly to the airstrip at Las Cruces.  The flight costs $2500 for the entire plane each way, so it may make sense if you have a large group of amigos.  It is quite special to buzz the club, circle back over the Mar de Cortez, then land on the strip!

3. Fly from SNA to Mexico City, spend some time in the capitol city, then fly directly to La Paz on May 4, and fly home from La Paz to LAX or Tijuana.

4.  If you have access to a private plane, landing right at Las Cruces is ideal.  The hard packed dirt airstrip (identified as LCS) is 850 meters (2,788 feet) long and approximately 8 miles on the 050 radial of La Paz.


GPS coordinates:  N24 12 870 / W110 05  301

5.  At the time of this writing, flying from LAX to La Paz doesn't look promising, but sometimes flights are added.  Current scheduled outbound flights are all connecting, and either red eyes or arriving after dark.  It's not advisable to drive to Las Cruces at night - it's a desert trek with no lighting.

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