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 packing list

Las Cruces is easy to pack for ~ casual beach wear during the day, then festive for dinner under the stars:  sun dresses and light weight pants and collared shirts.  Coverups, shirts and shoes are requested in the indoor bar and dining room at all times.  Much of the property is paved with uneven stone, so flat shoes are best.


Average temps at Las Cruces in May are perfecto:  highs around 90° and mid-60°s at night.

To Bring:

PASSPORT - Make sure it has not expired!

PELUCAS!  See Saturday's itinerary :)

Ladies:  Sundresses, light wrap and flat sandals for dinners

Men:  Light weight pants and collared shirts (short sleeve is fine) for dinners

Bathing Suits

Flippy Floppies

Water Shoes - the beach can be rocky





Tennies and Socks for hiking, court sports, horseback riding

Long Pants if you want to ride horses

Pickleball Paddles and Balls, if you want to guarantee the quality you're used to

Snorkel Gear

Book/Mags (good luck with that!)


Bug Spray

Snacks for plane, room

Thirst for the world's best margaritas

Beach towels provided

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO GIFTS!  Violators will be subject to "La Chancla"!


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